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Welcome to the heat Transfer Business Supplies and Learning center where we explain the "in's" and "out's" of the T-shirt imprinting and decorating industry in plain english.

Founded in 1999, Alpha Supply Co. was one of the first to offer an honest, friendly voice to help walk you through all the information you need to accomplish your goals in the imprinting industry. And over the years, Alpha Supply Co.has never changed that way of doing business. We simply refuse to just sell you any low grade heat press transfer paper or cutter machine as many companies have done (and still do) with pushy sales people and ads telling you what "they" want you to buy. We believe that providing you with solid facts from years of experience in the business is still the best way support you. And in turn, we both succeed!

At Alpha Supply Co., we don't want to just "sell you stuff", we would like to show you what you can do, (and even more importantly) what you cannot do before you spend your hard earned money. Then we can help you decide what t-shirt supplies and equipment are best suited to your needs and budget. Even the beginner can get enough information and supplies to "hit the ground running", no matter what is needed to do the job. We offer the very best in heat presses, cutters, printing solutions, heat press paper, business packages, t-shirt supplies, support and information and more. If your budget just cannot afford you the best, we have options to help you there as well like simpler versions with less "bells and whistles".

Our Commitment To You

Alpha Supply Company is dedicated to providing you the absolute best in reliable and affordable supplies, equipment and advise to help you succeed in your business adventure.

"When you succeed.. we both succeed!"

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